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You visit the nail salon week after week to get your mani/pedi, but ever wonder how much you really know about the nail industry, your nail salon and the talented nail technicians that provide you with service? (And talented they are! If you’ve ever tried an at-home mani/pedi, you know it’s an amazing feat to get polish on a nail without getting it anywhere else! Throw nail art into the mix, and it’s awe-inspiring.) Nails Magazine recently published a nail industry market research  and we were shocked by some of the stats we learned!

1) Nail Art is BOOMING!

The days of subtle nail art is loooong gone! (A discreet daisy on your ring fingers ring a bell?!) Nail Art has been come just as much about self expression, perhaps even more so, than tattoos. (Imagine being able to change your tattoos with your mood!) Nail art has also taken over social media- it’s one of the top 5 most tagged items on Instagram and Pinterest.

2) The busiest day of the week is NOT what you think!

While Friday, and Saturday are the second and third busiest days for Nail Salons, Thursdays actually take the crown. If you want to avoid the crowds, try getting to the nail salon Sunday- Tuesday.

3) Nail Tech Compensation Structure:

Did you know that 30% of nail technicians in the United States actually are booth renters? This means they pay rent to the nail salon and get to keep all of their service fees. The average weekly rent paid is $145 per week; $343 per month. While nail techs make an average of $645 per week, only 21% of that income comes from tips.

4) Show me the numbers! 

Ok, ready for some of the most surprising tidbits we learned? There are approximately 353,000 nail technicians in the US! And 53,000 nail salons! California has 7,187 nail salons which is by far the largest number of any state, and is 19% more than New York, New Jersey and Connecticut combined. We were also surprised to learn that 59% of nail technicians are the only technician in the salon! New York Nail Salons

5) Trending Services:

Bye Bye Acrylics, Hellooo Gel! Of the services that were most frequently eliminated by nail technicians, acrylics take the cake with 41% of eliminated services. Of the services most added, Gel manicures represent the number one spot with 35%.

Were you as surprised about some of these facts as we were?

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