This month, Spa Flops is Going Red in celebration of the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign! The Go Red for Women campaign was launched to save lives by raising awareness of heart disease- the #1 silent killer of women.


The Hard Truth

  • Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women killing more women than ALL FORMS of Cancer COMBINED! You read it right- combined! That’s quite a staggering fact.
  • 90% of women have one or more risk factors that can lead to developing heart disease.
  • While 1 in 31 American women dies from breast cancer each year, 1 in 3 dies of heart disease.


What You Can Do

  • Educate yourself about the risk factors. Understand how your lifestyle can affect your risk of heart disease.
  • Live a healthier lifestyle. Check out Go Red’s tips for reducing stress, and adopting healthier eating and exercising habits.
  • Spread the word. Wear red in support of Go Red Month, spread the staggering truth about heart disease by visiting the Go Red website and sharing this post with the women you love. Co-workers, Friends, Sisters, Mothers, Grandmothers- it can affect us all.

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