Oh the holidays! We can always count on good food, good people, and  of course, the oh so awkward family discussions!

If you’re spending time with family this holiday season and are tired of hearing your uncle’s viewpoint on the world’s economic state for the fifth holiday in a row, you’re not alone! Try spicing up your table talk with some fun topics. Here are a few table topics you can use this Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season:

Topic 1: Name one new thing you would love to learn how to do and why

It may be fun to start with this one! Sharing with your family one thing you would love to learn could not only bring about some interesting conversation (who knew Great Aunt Susie was interested in a pole dancing workout class?!) , but it could result in a future plan to get together. You never know, you may have more in common with Crazy Cousin Johnny than you think!

Topic 2: Your earliest memory

This might be fun to ask the eldest person(s) at the table. For many families, the holidays are the one time a year we get to spend with extended family and friends. Sharing old memories can be the perfect segue for creating new ones. I love when my granny tells us her earliest memories with my grandpa. Watching her reminisce is like watching The Notebook and who doesn’t love The Notebook.

Topic 3: Awkward or Funny Memories

Lastly, talk about some of the most memorable moments at a family party . It could be fun to re-visit those moments and laugh together. Like when Granny mixed a little too much white wine with her meds and her excursion to the bathroom ended with her slipping from the toilet into the bathtub. (True Story) After we knew she was ok, we all laughed and laughed for hours (granny included.)

Although we all know there is sometimes no avoiding those awkward discussions (religion, and politics, anyone!?), bringing these topics to the dinner table, and not just the pumpkin pie, may help lighten the mood!

Enjoy the holidays, from our Spa Flops Family to yours!

Have some other fun ideas for table topics? Share them below!