This summer we’ve taken to the streets of NYC to showcase our Spa Flops to the world. If you’ve ever been to NYC in the summer, you know a street fair is one of the iconic NYC summer events. Whether you’re in Bryant Park, Upper East Side, or Times Square, there is sure to be a fair nearby. From vendors selling their wares from around the world (jewelry, handmade baskets and the like), to questionable, yet undeniably delicious “street meat,” to an adorable mother-daughter team showcasing their new product that will revolutionize the pedicure industry ;), it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

It’s been awesome watching people discover our Spa Flops. Inevitably, most people come to our tent with a curious look on their face like “What are these things?” Are they spa flip flops or are the pedi socks? (They’re both!) You’ve all been so generous and kind with your words (and purchases) and we’ve loved meeting you all and getting showing you our product in person!

One of the coolest things about selling our Spa Flops at NYC street fairs is that we can now say we have customers from around the world. Italy, France, Canada to name a few. And of course, we’ve met some amazing people from all over the US!

Here are some pics from our adventures thus far!

Bryant Park Street Fair (Brittany on the left, Me on the right)


Financial District Street Fair (Me)


Shecky’s Girls Day Out (Jackie)