Spa Flops are a combination of a toeless pedicure sock AND a flip flop in one convenient pedicure footwear product! Let’s be honest, ladies: We all dread sitting and waiting for our nail polish to dry! During the winter, it’s even worse – put on our socks too soon and we’ll smudge our polish, go outside in flip flops and we’ll freeze! We invented Spa Flops to combat this dilemma. Spa Flops pedicure shoes combine the best of the coziness of a pedicure sock with the convenience of a flip flop into ONE amazing product.  Spa Flops’ warm cotton/nylon blend sock keeps your legs and feet warm, while our open toe foot-bed leave toes exposed to allow nail polish to dry! Order a pair of patent-pending Spa Flops pedicure flip flops here.

Easy Slip-On Design

Pull Spa Flops on/off as easily as you would a pedicure sock.

Convenient Open Toe

Allows your nail polish to dry while the rest of your foot/leg remain warm. No more smudging by putting on your socks too soon!


Weighing only a few ounces, Spa Flops fit conveniently within a handbag or tote.

Stretchable Cotton-Nylon Blend Sock

Fits comfortably over calves.

Thick 5/8” Sole

Cushioned sole for hours of comfortable wear. No need to sit for extra drying time. Wear Spa Flops to run errands post-pedicure.

Warm Knee-High Length

Full length protection from the cold.

Enclosed Side/Heel

All around coverage to keep your foot warm while your nail polish dries.

Durable 3-piece Construction

Quality construction for long-term use.

Thong-less Footbed

Non-irritating, thong-less footbed. Use your own toe separators for comfortable wear.

Textured Undersole

Aids slip resistance.

Versatile Mesh Carrying Bag

Carry Spa Flops to the salon in this roomy carrying bag, then toss in the shoes you wore to the salon post-pedi.

Fun Patterns

Adorable designs. Showcase your personality by choosing the one that best suits you.