Spa Flops- Pedicure Sock Flip Flops

What are Spa Flops?

Spa flops are the latest craze in pedicure wear! Spa Flops is a patent-pending post-pedicure footwear product that keeps legs and feet warm in the colder months, while allowing nail polish on the toes to dry. Spa Flops are a combination of spa flip flops & open toe pedicure socks.

These fun, flirty shoes are comfortable, light-weight and space-friendly (throw them in your work tote if you plan on treating yourself to a pedi after work!) Each Spa Flops’ purchase comes with a free travel pouch for women on-the-go.

How Spa Flops work?

Put on Spa Flops prior to your nail polish application, use a paper towel or other device to separate your toes, paint & go!

How Spa Flops came to be?

Spa Flops were invented in the fall of 2013 by Jackie & Jen, a mother-daughter team. Jen, the ever-enthusiastic, entrepreneurial-minded daughter, had been racking her brain for years for the perfect problem-solving invention for women. Through even the craziest of ideas, Jackie always offered Jen her motherly love and support. Then one day, Jackie came to Jen with an idea for a pedicure footwear product. (Talk about ironic! I guess the entrepreneurial bug rubbed off!)

Jen absolutely loved the idea (what women doesn’t experience winter pedi woes!?) They made the first prototypes in Jackie’s living room using scissors and gorilla glue; followed by a more “sophisticated” prototype in Jen’s living room using a sewing machine, (and of course scissors and gorilla glue.) Even though their handmade prototypes were a bit rough (to put it mildly), they were functional, comfy and actually kind of cute. It was at that point that Jen & Jackie knew their crazy idea could be realized and they acquired manufacturers develop the product.

A lot of hard work, and a few short months later, Spa Flops were born!


A message from Jen:

Hi Ladies!! We’re so happy you found us! 🙂 We’re so excited to be bringing Spa Flops to market and we hope you love them as much as we do! We love hearing from you, so feel free to drop us a note anytime to give us your feedback, or just to say hi!