Last week we were vendors at our first event, the Fall into Spring Shopping Gala held at the Old Bermuda Inn on Staten Island (That’s me on the right and my sister, Brittany, on the left.)

We met a lot of great women– fellow Staten Island entrepreneurs and customers alike– who offered up kind words of encouragement and support!

Not only did we gain some new customers, friends and business partners (we scored our first wholesale account!), but we met so many women who loved our product! Since Spa Flops are a completely new product that are a combination of toe-less pedicure socks and spa flip flops, it was so great to showcase them in person and have face-to-face conversations with our customers– an opportunity we rarely get as an online business.

For those of you who are like us and have a little idea, keep at it!! It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but you can make it happen. Success doesn’t happen over night, it’s the little wins that count! Celebrate every little one!