Spa Flop Shoe Bags Have Arrived!!!

We’re so excited to have received our Spa Flop shoe bag shipment!! Not only do they look great (we hope you’ll love toting around your first pair of Spa Flop Pedicure Shoes in them), they’re also very symbolic for us as a company! This shipment means we’re one step closer to officially launching our product! It’s been a few months since we’re started on this journey, and it’s so exciting to see our dreams being realized!

General Update on Spa Flops

If you’ve pre-ordered your pair of Spa Flops, you may be wondering when they’re expected to arrive. Since Spa Flops is a new product, and hence, the assembly process is new, it’s a bit difficult to get an exact date as to when production will be completed, but rest assured our factory has been hard at work assembling them for the past few weeks! With that said, we should be just about 3-4 weeks away from having them in-hand to ship to you! So we thank you for being patient with us and we promise to let you know as soon as the shipment has arrived!

Thank YOU!

We thank everyone who has pre-ordered Spa Flops Pedicure Shoes thus far or offered us kind words of encouragement! We really appreciate your support as we build our new company. If you like what we’re doing, please continue to spread the word!! Every little mention, Facebook post, and tweet helps get the word out! We hope to continue to grow as a company and in the future be able to support other women who, like us, have a burning desire to innovate, build, create in the world.

Who run the world?…… Girls!! 🙂